Board of Directors

CARR Board Members
President: Darcy Fiano
Vice President: Adrienne Snow
Treasurer: Gail Thibodeau
Joanne Cunard
Andrew Deacon
Sandy Mangan

Committees of the Board
Finance: Gail Thibodeau & Darcy Fiano
Governance: Darcy Fiano, Adrienne Snow, & Gail Thibodeau
Governmental Relations: Ann Marie Mulready & Adrienne Snow
Studies and Research: Darcy Fiano & Joanne Cunard

Special Committees (Ad-hoc)
Archives: Patricia Mulcahy-Ernt
Awards: Darcy Fiano & Joanne Cunard
Membership: Gail Thibodeau
Nominations: Adrienne Snow
Programs & Arrangements: Andrew Deacon, Sandy Mangan, & Adrienne Snow