The Impact of Reading Laws on Educators: What You Can’t BUT Should Be Doing

Engage in a lively conversation on CT’s newest reading legislation with UConn’s Associate Professor of Literacy Education, Rachael Gabriel.

The “Act Concerning the Right to Read and Addressing Opportunity Gaps and Equity in Public Schools” will impact literacy instruction in CT’s classrooms. These kinds of legislative mandates narrow literacy instruction, and laws are becoming more about what teachers CAN’T do then what they SHOULD be doing. Rachael will discuss how the legislation will transform reading instruction in CT elementary classrooms.

Rachael Gabriel has authored more than fifty refereed articles, and is the author or editor of five books for literacy teachers, leaders and education researchers. Rachael currently teaches courses for educators and doctoral students pursuing specialization in literacy. She serves on the editorial boards of journals focused on literacy, education research and education policy, and on the boards of the International Literacy Association and Reading Recovery Council of North America. In addition to experience as a classroom teacher and reading specialist, Rachael holds graduate certificates in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Rachael’s research is focused on: literacy instruction, leadership and intervention, as well as policies related to teacher development and evaluation. Her current projects investigate: supports for adolescent literacy, state literacy policies and discipline-specific literacy instruction. (

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